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What Can I do with my Apps?

In order to facilitate your daily life, you can synchronize every app between several devices. For example, you can exchange all your data’s with a friend or a husband or a wife! Or, if you do your list on your tablet, you can have all your data’s on your mobile! Practical, isn’t it?

You want to send your data to a customer, a friend? You can export all your reports to a PDF file and then send it by mail. You want to print your invoice, or the report of your inventory? Export it to PDF!

You have the app « My Caddy », « My Fridge », « My Pantry », « My Wines », « My Beers »? You can exchange data between these apps. For example, you can send products from « My Pantry » to « My Caddy ».

For each app you have the possibility to export your data in an Excel sheet. If you have the paid version you can also import data from an Excel Sheet

You have the possibility to customize layout and buttons for all apps. You can minimize or maximize buttons in order to have best lisibility.

For each app you have several internet providers for automatic fill-in. In paid version, you can bulkscan all your products in order to gain time.

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