My Beers

Become specialized in Beers! Don’t be ever lost front a menu of several beers and manage better your beer cellar!

You like beers and you want to keep a trace of all beers that you had drunk in order to recognize them easily?
You have a little or big beer cellar and you need a tool to manage it?
You like to share your last favorite beer with your friends?

So, this app is made for you !

That’s what you can do with it :

  •  You can scan bottles and cans of beer
  • Or you can scan all bottles of your beer cellar in order to manage it.
  •  You can also sort your beers by name, bar code, category, rating, container (bottles, can), brewer, land and do a search by using same criteria.
  •  If you taste a good beer in a restaurant of at friends, scan it ! Then you can recognize it easily.
  •  You can also export your list of beers on a SD cart.
  •  You can send your beer list by mail and open it in an excel sheet.
  •  In order to recognize beers that you have, you can take a picture of the bottle or can.
  •  Finally, to manage better your list or your cellar, you can rate every beer that you have drink and share these ratings with other users.
  •  You will have the possibility to synchronize this app between several mobiles and devices (tablet).
  •  You will have the possibility to send a beer by mail (text or PDF).
  •  When you scan a barcode, the different fields will fill in automatically depends of the provider you choose.

In the paid version, you can also :

  • Bulk scan
  • Import lists from an Excel sheet.
  • Do a quick search by code bar.
  • No adds
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If you have any comment, suggestions, requests or bug reports, leave us a message.

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