My Books

Don’t be lost in your Library! Found one book in one glimpse!

Are you a book lover?
You have a library at home and you want a suitable tool to manage it with effectiveness?
Do you want to have a complete list of your books in your mobile in order to find a title easily?

Then, this app is for you!

That’s what you can do with it:

  • You can add a book by means of several characteristics: title, UPC/ISBN, category, rating, description, author, bar code.
  • You can search your books of sort it with the same characteristics.
  • This app is connected with several providers, so it’s linked to a database. So, when you scan your book, the forms will be filling in automatically.
  • You can also export your lists in an Excel sheet.
  • You can synchronize this app between several devices (mobile, tablet).
  • You can export your lists by mail or PDF.


In the paid version, you can also :

  • Do a Bulk scan.
  • Import lists from an Excel sheet
  • Do a quick search by bar code.
Next release : nothing for the moment

If you have any comment, suggestions, requests or bug reports, leave us a message.

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