My Caddy

Don’t be dependant from your paper shopping list! Discover a new way to do shopping!

You always forget your shopping list when you go to the supermarket ?
You like having several shopping lists, according to week menu, stores or department?

Then, this app is for you!

That’s what you can do with it:

  • You can create one or severalshopping lists and add products into them.
  • You can create one sheet by product with picture, name, quantity, price and note.
  • As this app is connected with several providers, when you scan a product, the different fields are filled automatically.
  • You can synchronize this app between several devices (mobile, tablet,…).
  • You can export your shopping lists in an Excel sheet.
  • You can send your lists by mail or PDF.
  • You can send products to the app “My Fridge”, this will allow you having a better managing of the products in your fridge.
  • But you can also send your products to the app “My Wines”, “My Beers” and “My Pantry”
Next release : Nothing for the moment

If you have any comment, suggestions, requests or bug reports, leave us a message.

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