My Cash Register

The best mobile cash register

Are you looking for a mobile cash register?

You need a mobile cash register for you mobile sales?

Are you just looking for a cash register for you shop?

Then, this app is for you!

That’s what you can do with it:

  • You can add your products
  • You can classify your products by categories and with a specific color
  • You can add a price, a tax, a barcode and a photo for each product
  • When you add products on a cash register ticket with the scanner or by clicking on a specific item
  • You can export your ticket to PDF or text and send it by email
  • You can manage your stock thanks to the check in-out entries
  • You can create backups, export your tickets, check in-out entries, products to csv or xml that you can open directly in Excel
  • You can import your products from Excel
  • You can translate by yourself the app
  • Finally, you can synchronize this app  between several devices (mobile, tablet,…).
  • You can add payments.
  • You can link a ticket with a Client/Table.
  • You can add custom items in all reports.

In the Paid version there are no ads and you can import from Excel.

Want to know how to use My Cash Regsiter ?

If you have any comment, suggestions, requests or bug reports, leave us a message.

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