My Inventory

You want to stop wasting your time! Make your inventory easier and have more time to other things.

You need an effective and easy to use tool to manage your stock?
You want to do a quick inventory?
You have problems with your stock? For example, you have 50 pens but only 10 sheets of paper?

Then, this app is for you!

That’s what you can do with it :

  • You can add products in your inventory, with these attributes: name, type, location, price, quantity, purchase date, inventory (you can create several inventories).
  • You can look for a product and sort them with these characteristics.
  • You have the possibility to create several inventories (office stationery, drink,…). Then, you can sort your products by inventory.
  • This app is connected with several providers. So, the most of the fields will be fill in automatically.
  • You can also export your inventories in an Excel sheet. So, you can, for example, print the list of your products. That will be useful.
  • Additionally, thanks to the auto fill, you have the possibility to fill in the forms quicker.

In the paid version, you can also :

  • Bulk scan your products.
  • Import lists from an Excel sheet.
  • Quick scan your products.
  • And you have no ad’s
Next release : Nothing for the moment

If you have any comment, suggestions, requests or bug reports, leave us a message.

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