My Recipes

All your recipes in one place! Download this app and discover a new world of possibilities.

How the app « My Recipes » can help me?

If cooking rhyme with passion for you, this application furnishes you lots of recipes.

If you like cooking, have a lot of recipes but no idea how to arrange them, this app will help you with a practical and easy sorting system. This allows you to find your recipes quickly and easily.

If you like sharing recipes with friends, download this application and create a community of people who loves cooking.

Then, this app is for you !

What can I do with « My Recipes »

  • You can create your own recipes and take pictures of this.
  • You can sort these recipes in a cookbook that you can share with friends.
  • It’s possible to find a recipe by category (starter, main, dessert,…)
  • If you don’t have the possibility to take a picture of your recipe, no problem. You can import a picture from the Internet.
  • You have seen a recipe in the shared cookbook and you like it ? You can import it.
  • You can also send your recipes by mail or PDF and print them.
  • You can also synchronize your cookbook with other devices (mobiles or tablets).
  • You can export all recipes in an Excel sheet.
  • Possibility to import recipes from popular cook websites.
  • You can send ingredients to « My Caddy ».

What are the benefits in the paid version of application « My Recipes »?

  • Import a file with recipes in .fdx.
  • Import recipes from an Excel sheet for example
  •  And you don’t have add’s


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