Select the xml file

Once the file is saved on your computer, you can open it. On the first popup you have to choose  As an XML table and click on OK.


Open the xml file

A second popup will appear: you just have to click on ok and your file will open.  





You file is now opened, you can modify it. The ELEMENTID column is the unique id for all devices: if you want to update the current line, don’t modify the column ELEMENTID and your item will be updated after the import. If you want to create new items leave the ELEMENTID column blank and a new item will be create into your app after the import. 


Save as XML

Once you have modified your items, click on save as and choose for the drop-down Save as type: XML Data (*.xml).




You can now import

Click on Save and then on Continue in the new popup. Your xml is now saved on your computer, you can copy it on your device and import it! (

Here is a little video which explains how to import data from an Excel Sheet with the app « My Pantry »

Image ( sample )