Synchronization My Inventory Cameldroid 

The Synchronization

All our apps allow the synchronization!

  • 1. Click on the small synchronize icon on the top right.


User Info

  • 1. Choose a username.
  • 2. Choose a password.
  • 3. Enter your email address.
 Synchronization My Inventory Cameldroid


Synchronization My Inventory Cameldroid 

Open the app on another device

You can synchronize multiple devices if you want

  • 1. Click on synchronize on your other app
  • 2. Click on existing user
  • 3. Fill the same username and password that you used for the first device.
Your apps can now be synchronize: you just have to click on the small synchronize icon when you want to synchronize.
An automatic synchronization will be available in the next releases!



Here is a little video which explains how to synchronize an app between 2 devices. The app used is « My Caddy ».


Image ( sample )