My Cash Register (the 4 parts of the screen) Cameldroid 

The 4 parts of the screen

  • 1. The ticket price: if you click on it you will be redirected to the ticket report.
  • 2. The ticket content display all ticket’s products: there is a horizontal scrolling to see all products.
  • 3. All the products’ types: clicking on a specific button will display all products of the selected type.
  • 4. The products available for the type selected: click on a specific product will add the product to the ticket.

The add buttons

  • 1. Add by scan: you can add a barcode to each product and add them by scanning the barcode.
  • 2. Add a product that is not in your app. You can give it a name an a price directly on the screen that will open.
  • 3. Add a new type. All your products must be classified by type. For each type you can define a name, a color and a picture. This button can be hided in the settings.
  • 4. Add a product: the product will be directly added to its specific type. This button can be hided in the settings.
My Cash Register (the add buttons) Cameldroid 
My Cash Register (The long click) Cameldroid

The long click

  • If you long click on a product: you can edit it or add a number of this product in one time on the ticket.
  • If you long click on a type: you can edit it.
  • If you long click on a ticket product: you can delete it or delete a number of product.



The Synch button and the menu

  • 1. The Synch button: allow you to synchronize your app between multiple device (you have to register with the same username for that).
  • 2. The Send button: allow you to export your ticket in text or PDF and to send it by email.
  • 3. The add new button: allow you to create a new ticket.
  • 4. the Manager: redirect you to the manager, where you can manage your tickets, products, types and check in-out entries.
  • 5. Tickets List: allow you to reload an old ticket.
  • 6. Settings: redirect you to the settings.
  • 7. Create a user: allow you to synchronize your app with other devises.
My Cash Register (synch button and menu) Cameldroid 

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